Halloween Safety For Adults


Most safety guides for Halloween are geared towards kid safety, but adults also need to be extra careful on Halloween. Halloween is a night of revelry and partying and that can lead people to be careless about their safety. You can still have fun when you are out on Halloween night but you should be careful not to put yourself at risk while you are out. The most common injuries that occur on Halloween night are cars hitting pedestrians. Even adults need to be sure that their costumes are visible in the dark. They also need to be sure to obey traffic laws and use common sense when it comes to crossing streets. Use these safety tips to make sure that you are able to enjoy the holiday without ending up in the ER:

Pumpkin Carving Safety

Every year thousands of people end up getting emergency treatment for injuries that are associated with pumpkin carving.  It’s not just kids who can cut themselves while carving pumpkins. Adults can find dozens of ways to injure themselves during pumpkin carving without even really trying. Here are a few tips to help you carve Jack O’Lanterns without losing any fingers or otherwise injuring yourself:

  • Carve pumpkins in a well-lit area – Candlelight makes for a great spooky atmosphere but carving pumpkins in a dim or candlelight room is just asking to lose a finger. Carve pumpkins in a brightly lit garage, the kitchen or dining room. If you need more light bring in a small portable lamp or lantern. There will be plenty of time to admire the pumpkins in the dark later on.
  • Don’t drink and carve – Getting together with friends and family to carve pumpkins is a lot of fun but skip the cocktails before carving. Alcohol can cause coordination problems and the last thing you need when you are using a sharp object to cut through a heavy pumpkin is problems with your hand/eye coordination. Enjoy the cocktails after the pumpkin is carved.
  • Use a stencil – There is a much smaller chance of injuring yourself during carving when you have a pattern that you are following instead of freehand carving. Either use a stencil on the pumpkin or draw a design on the pumpkin in permanent ink before carving.
  • Use a serrated blade – When you’re carving something thick like a pumpkin the sharpest knife is not the best cutting tool. A very sharp knife will often stick in the skin of the pumpkin. When the knife sticks you could cut yourself deeply pulling it loose. Use a serrated blade that won’t stick and cut with a sawing motion. Using a pumpkin carving tool from a pumpkin carving kit is the best way to make sure that you are cutting the pumpkin safely.

Adult Costume Safety

Kids are not the only ones who can be injured by their costumes. Adults need to be careful that their costumes fit well, allow them to see and are not restrictive. In addition adults need to take a few other precautions to make sure their costumes are safe like:

  • Check the length- Make sure that costume you are wearing is not so long that you will trip over it or cause someone else to trip. When you try on your costume make sure that you are wearing the same shoes or boots that you will be wearing with the costume. If you have to shorten it but don’t know how to sew you can use double sided tape to easily shorten any item of clothing.
  • Wear comfortable shoes – A lot of women end up wearing shoes and boots with their costumes that are not shoes or boots that they wear very often. Stiletto heels and wedge heels can look great with costumes but also can be uncomfortable and sometimes unsafe. If you are going to wear heels that are higher than you normally wear practice wearing them around the house for a week or so before Halloween so that you get used to them. You should be able to easily walk, balance and run in the shoes that you are wearing with your costume. It’s also a good idea to slip a pair of flat shoes into your handbag in case the heels become too uncomfortable to wear over the course of the night.
  • Don’t forget your ID – Most people don’t carry a purse or a wallet when they are wearing their Halloween costume. You should always carry some ID and a credit card or some emergency cash when you are going out on Halloween. You may need to get a cab home or have some other emergency that requires money and you should always have your ID. If your costume doesn’t have pockets you can create a pocket inside your costume using a small square of fabric and double sided tape. You can also tape your ID and card inside your clothing to keep them secure. Just make sure that your ID and cash are as close to your body as possible to prevent them from falling out or getting stolen.
  • Make sure your costume fits – One size fits all costumes rarely actually fit. Take the time to tailor your costume for your body. Costumes that are fitted will be more comfortable and safer than ones that aren’t. A hem, a few tucks here and there, and some other small alterations will make it easy to have a great time without worrying about wardrobe malfunctions causing injuries to you or to anyone else.

Personal Safety

You should always be aware of your personal surroundings but on Halloween it’s even more important to be aware and proactive when it comes to personal safety. Always be aware of who is around you. If you get a bad feeling about a certain street or neighborhood avoid it. If you see a car that seems to be following you take a photo of the car and license plate number with your cell phone and stay in a well populated area. Have a great time but make sure that you follow the same safety rules that you follow any other day.