Halloween Party Safety


Halloween parties can be exciting and a lot of fun. But when you are going to Halloween parties you still need to be careful. A lot of people use Halloween as an excuse to forget all about personal safety and common sense safe


ty rules. In order to make sure that you stay safe and have a great time at any parties that you attend you should always follow these simple safety tips and precautions.


Common Sense Costume Safety

  • Make sure your costume fits – Costumes that you purchase are made to fit a wide variety of people and body styles. If you take the time to adjust your costume for your own body your costume will fit better and be less likely to cause injury. You can shorten costume easily using double sided tape. You can fix straps or seams with fabric glue. You don’t need to have a lot of sewing skills to tailor your costume a little. Wear your costume around the house, sit down, walk around, and move in the costume and then tailor it to make sure it’s comfortable while you do those things. If you are wearing a mask make sure the eye hole are large enough to allow you to see well. Cut them if necessary. Taking the time to tailor your costume will make it less likely that you will fall over the hem or injure yourself in some way because your costume doesn’t fit well.
  • Make your costume reflective – If your costume isn’t reflective already you need to add a few reflective elements to it. Even if you are not going out Trick or Treating your costume should be visible in the dark. When you are walking to and from your car or from the train you need to be clearly visible so that you don’t get hurt. Reflective tape comes in several colors and is a great way to make sure that you are visible. You can also sew small LED lights into your costume or wear a hairpiece that has LED lights in it. There are dozens of ways to make your costume look fantastic and be clearly visible.
  • Bring extra footwear – If you are wearing heels make sure that you have a pair of flats in case you need to run or in case your shoes get too uncomfortable. Any shoes that you don’t wear often can be painful or uncomfortable after a long evening so even if you are wearing boots or flats it’s a good idea to have another pair of shoes with you. Buy a pair or two of the foldable flats that fit into a pocket or purse and you will be all set.
  • Have a costume repair kit – If your costume has a lot of pieces or is very elaborate it’s a good idea to have a small costume repair kit in case of emergencies or wardrobe malfunctions. A simple plastic container like a sandwich container is the perfect size. Put band aids, double sided tape, fabric glue, makeup remover, pins and other emergency fix supplies inside and keep it with you.


Personal Safety at Parties

It doesn’t matter if you are attending a public party or a party at someone’s home there are some simple personal safety precautions that you should always use to stay safe. Women and men alike need to be sure that personal safety is a priority. Use these personal safety tips to make sure that you stay safe at any party that you choose to attend:

Never put your drink down or accept a drink from someone – Even people that you think you can trust can easily put drugs in your drink. Most women are attacked by people they know. If you have to put your drink down for any reason abandon that drink and get a new one. If someone wants to buy you a drink stand at the bar while the bartender pours it. Never accept an actual drink from someone you don’t know. If you taste your drink and it tastes strange throw it out and get another. Halloween theme foods and drinks are very easy to people to drug because they are often strange colors and may have flavors that hide the taste of drugs.

Wear a coat or sweater if you are wearing a skimpy or sexy costume – Sexy costumes are a lot of fun but if you could be putting yourself at risk walking to a party or riding the train in one. It’s a good idea to wear a sweater or coat over your costume until you get to the party. You should also carry your sexy heels or boots and put them on at the party. Wear flats or shoes that you could easily run in if you had to while you are going to and from the party. If a car approaches you while you are out walking or are parking your car leave the area quickly and head for a large group of people. There will be a lot of people out and about because it’s Halloween so stay near people as much as you can.

Tell someone where you are going – Whether you are male or female you should always let someone know where you are going when you go out on Halloween. If you are going out Trick or Treating let a family member or friend know what neighborhood you are going to. If you are going to a party leave the address and the name of the person having the party on a note in your kitchen or message it to a friend. That way if something happens the people who love you will know where to start looking for you.

People have a tendency to let their normal safety routine slide on Halloween night because it’s a party night. But keeping your guard up and making sure that you are safe wherever you go will ensure that you have a holiday that fun and safe.