Halloween Costume Safety

Halloween costumes make the holiday special but they also can be a cause of injury, especially for kids. In order to make sure that Halloween is fun and safe you should always follow a few safety rules when it comes to Halloween costumes.



Make sure that your costume and your kids costumes are safe and comfortable before going out Trick or Treating or going to Halloween parties. Use these safety tips as guidelines when you are choosing and fitting costumes this year:


Mask Safety Tips

  • Check the material that the mask is made of – A lot of Halloween masks are made from latex. Many people are allergic to latex and materials like latex. If you or your child has an allergy to latex make sure that the mask you buy contains no latex. Look for masks that are made from hypoallergenic materials or make your own mask. You can make masks from paper, paper mache, leather, or many other materials.
  • Make sure there is no vision impairment – The most common injury on Halloween is pedestrians getting hit by cars. A lot of these accidents happen because kids and adults wearing masks can’t see or hear the cars approaching.  Always be sure that the mask you or your child is wearing doesn’t cause vision impairment. You can cut larger eye holes in a mask to improve both direct and peripheral vision.  If cutting the eye holes doesn’t help fix any vision problems consider ditching the full mask and wearing a half mask instead. Half masks give the same visual impact without restricting vision or hearing. Cut out masks or filigree masks are also a good alternative.
  • Make sure the mask fits properly – It is very important for masks to fit properly. Masks that are too big can make it impossible to see or hear properly. Masks that are too tight can restrict breathing and make it very difficult to get the mask off. Try on several masks to make sure that you one that fits well. If you are ordering masks online order a few different sizes to make sure that you get one that fits properly. Masks that tie or fasten are usually easier to adjust than full head masks. Don’t skimp when it comes to buying a mask. Spend the extra money for a high quality mask that fits perfectly.


Shoe Safety Tips

Making sure that you choose appropriate footwear is very important. Your costume shoes or footwear need to be comfortable and safe. If your footwear is uncomfortable you won’t be able to walk around Trick or Treating and that can ruin Halloween. You also need to be able to move well in your shoes or boots so that you don’t sprain an ankle or injure yourself walking on uneven ground and through yards. Keep these tips in mind when choosing footwear for your Halloween costume:

  • Break in your footwear before Halloween – If you bought new shoes or boots to wear with your costume make sure that you break them in before Halloween night. Wear the shoes or boots around the house and on short walks. If you bought new shoes for your child make sure the child wears them before Halloween. Breaking in the shoes or boots before Trick or Treating will ensure that you or your child doesn’t get blisters while Trick or Treating. Ladies if you bought stiletto heels or high heeled boots to add a little sexy to your costume practice walking in them before Halloween so you don’t fall down or get hurt when you wear them with your costume.
  • Make the shoes or boots weather appropriate – A lot of Halloween footwear is not made to be worn year round. So a lot of the footwear for costumes doesn’t have great tread, weatherproofing, or non slip soles. You can spray boots and shoes with a waterproof solution to keep them dry if conditions are wet. You can also put taps or rubber grips on the bottom of the shoes or boots to give them some traction and make them less likely to slide and skid. Spending a few dollars to protect the footwear and make it safer is a great investment. Comfort insoles are also a smart thing to buy for your costume shoes so that your feet won’t ache after miles of Trick of Treating.
  • Keep a spare pair on you – If you are taking kids Trick or Treating make sure that you have a spare pair of shoes and socks for each child. Make sure you have a spare pair for yourself too. You can buy a pair of foldable flats that fit easily into your pocket or backpack or purse for under $10. You should also keep an emergency repair kit with you that contains glue for gluing broken soles or heels, extra laces for boots and sneakers, reflective tape to put on shoes, bandages, antibacterial cream, and a few baby wipes to wipe off shoes as well as cuts and scrapes.

Costume Makeup Safety Tips

Using makeup is a great way to get the look you want without the dangers of masks. Makeup isn’t foolproof though. Use these makeup safety tips to be sure that your makeup won’t cause problems or injuries while you are at Halloween parties or out Trick or Treating.

  • Do a patch test – A lot of Halloween makeup contains heavy pigments and other materials that the makeup you might wear everyday doesn’t have. Always test the makeup you plan to wear for Halloween on your skin before applying it to your face or body. Put a small swatch of the makeup on your hand and leave it there for 24 hours. If you don’t have any redness, swelling, itching or other allergy symptoms the you should be fine wearing that makeup.
  • Keep makeup remover wipes with you at all times – You may need to remove your makeup in a hurry or take off a child’s makeup in a hurry. The safest way to get makeup off fast is to use makeup remover wipes. They are hypoallergenic and made to remove makeup gently. Small packages of makeup remover wipes are not expensive and they are easy to find. Keep a small package in your pocket or first aid kit just in case.  They will also make it very easy to get your costume makeup off after Halloween is over.