6 Tips For Mom to Prevent Losing Your Hair (and Mind) While Trick-or-Treating


Save your time and nerves on Halloween night.

As a relatively young mother of 6 busy children under the age of 6 I’ve learned a few tricks over the years… especially in regard to our favorite holiday. I’d like to share my top 6 things you cannot forget for trick-or-treating or any other Halloween activities for kids. These tips are meant to help moms like me be efficient enough to have a little fun for ourselves along the way!

1-    Plan a delicious filling meal before your Halloween outings, the easier the better! The anticipation of bags filled with delicious treats can be a downer on your little one’s appetite but a hangry toddler is the last thing you want to deal with when racing from house to house. If you choose pizza don’t forget what a popular delivery night this is and be sure to order in advance so you aren’t left waiting.

2-    Consider the weather. Kids can be resistant to weather appropriate layering fearful that their costume won’t have the effect they intended, but they will change their mind once exposed to the elements so be sure the bring along what you KNOW they will need.

3-    Candy bags get heavy. Bring along a back up bag to ensure you can keep the kids candy burden to an acceptable weight.

4-    Transportation is key for all outdoor Halloween activities. Be sure to have your transport devices ready and waiting so you aren’t tempted to leave them behind when the witching hour strikes. Fatigue can set in and no man can be left behind on a night like Halloween. Strollers and wagons are essential in an effective tour of trick-or-treating. Parents can only carry so much extra clothing, overabundant candy, and exhausted toddler, so do yourself the favor.

5-    Halloween safety takes time to learn. It’s important to talk to your children in advance to review the family safety procedures. It will be more difficult for them to remember where to meet you if they get separated or that they are wearing a bracelet with your name and phone number if you wait until excitement has set in.

6-    Have a posse. Children especially multiple children require constant supervision in a stimulating environment like Halloween activities. By having more than one adult it allows for a second set of eyes so Johnny doesn’t empty the whole candy bowl into his bag while you are tying Suzie’s shoe. Not to mention street crossings and crowds.

Are you prepared to make the best use of the sweetest season? Once you have checked off your list, complete with your glow in the dark labeled ID bracelets, be sure to have a safe and fun Halloween!